A Poor King and a Bunch of Jokers

Anna Hajare, poor in terms of his personal networth but a king in terms of his public support, had finally changed his path. The Team Anna will enter Politics. Will the same amount of Public Support still accompany him in his new venture? Well! The answer to this question, I am sure, even Anna knows.  

No, many of his hard-earned supporters will not support him. Why? Anna, till now, was seen as a symbol which continuously highlighted that the Politicians of our country are not doing their jobs. And a common man, who was highly frustrated by the apathy and self development of the politicians, found solace in supporting him.  He was a common man’s answer to the rulers of this country that we are awake. But, will the same person be able to accept the change of his own mascot’s ideology?

The movement, India Against Corruption, in my opinion, was one of the biggest success stories of a public movement in the history of our country until the true colours of the jokers slowly started coming out. Yes, I would term the close associates of Anna Hazare as a bunch of joker, who I can safely assume now, were working with only one motive, which is just made public.

There are a few questions that these bunch of jokers need to answer.

1)  Was the podium of the movement a stage to demonstrate their skills of acting and dancing or for that matter release their own frustration? No, the stage was for the larger goal, which over the time was overshadowed by irrelevant commentary of the people holding the mike. What was the purpose for which the movement was conduct? The purpose was simple, we needed a Strong Lokepal bill, and I said earlier, the common man was supporting the movement because he knew that the politicians of our country are corrupt. What was the need then to divert the topic from Lokepal to individual attack on politicians? And because of this the list of enemies became endless. There was a time when representative of various political parties were seen sharing stage with Anna, but these bunch of joker spoiled that advantage. The Team Anna should have understood that the bill needed to be passed on the floor of the parliament, which needed the vote of the same politician that they are targeting.
2)  What was the purpose for which you all were together? Jan Lokepal, but over the time, your own union was nothing more than a Localbabal where everybody was complaining against everybody. And now when you guys are entering politics, well! I am sure we are on for a big entertainment.
3)  What will you do after you enter the Politics? Even you are aware that numbers run the country, how many numbers do you think you will get, which will put you at dictating position? And even if you get those numbers, which is highly unlikely, are you ready to compromise your position and power if your demands are not fulfilled? Remember, you are not Anna Hazare, who was still determined after 12 days of fast in August last year; you broke in 9 days with a sudden enlightenment of joining Politics.

Do Remember, the Jokers can never become a King.

As far as I understand Indian Politics, whether this Team Anna does anything or not, the current government will reintroduce the Lokepal bill just before the 2014 election with modification of the current bill which is already passed in Loksabha. By doing that, they will take advantage of the current movement, and also counter the opposition and the Team Anna at the same time. They know that they are not going to comeback in the next election, so if I read correctly, this is going to be their last weapon to salvage the lost ground.


  1. I understand that recent history has made 'politics' a certified expletive in common culture. But what other route does a well-meaning (debatable, in this case) group of people do to bring change? Either become the change or lead anarchy on the current system and hope that the next crop would be automatically better (fat chance). In light of the same would you still oppose an Anna Hazare camp or any other camp that chooses to enter politics as a wild card outsider because they BELIEVE that they can do better? How else can they approach the issue of corruption and systemic inefficiency ?

  2. I agree that to change the political climate of the country you need to be a politician. By saying politician I don't mean that you need to join active politics, you need to be cunningly sharp and have deep understanding of how Indian politics works and of course, you need to have huge public support. I don't find Anna Hazare and his team is having any such traits except for public support, which would definitely definitely reduce once they join politics. Moreover, its not difficult to predict that they will not have numbers. What will they do then? Will they support the same politicians to form a Govt. whom they are continuously referring as chors? And if they don't and sit as a opposition, why will the Govt. listen to them, the situation will not change. As I have said earlier, there was a time during the movement when a resolution could have been arrived , but it was wasted.

  3. Starting a mass movement against corrupt politicians and starting a political party as an alternative for the existing corrupt parties are two entirely different games.

    In my opinion, it takes a far bigger political genius than a sincere “poor king” to garner the support of people which will actually translate into “VOTES” and ultimately majority in this nation. The other “jokers” who consider a political alternative better for achieving Jan Lokpal (than the platform that they got through India Against Corruption) are, according to me, too naive or toooooo (to emphasise) ambitious


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