Love, Aha Love, Ohhh Love, Love Again - Men will be men

A boy who believes in love and finally falls in it, there are three different worlds that he experiences during the process. 

The first world is probably the happiest among all when you are yet to fall in love. This world mainly revolves around many crushes and infatuations, which always appears momentarily to be true love like you hadn't experienced earlier. Even though the earlier experience was just a few seconds back in the same settings with a girl which now appears less beautiful and more importantly less sexy... :p.

The second world is where you finally choose one particular person who tinkles the extreme core of your heart which was unexplored till that time, it generates a strange feeling which you were not even aware that it actually exists. This world would appear to be changing every second and everything would slowly and unknowingly getting centered onto that one person. A bike ride, which earlier used to take fewer than five minutes, has now extended to more than thirty minutes simply because all your roads have unknowingly started passing though the lane, which stations her house, coaching centres, or someplace where she spends even a few minutes of her day. All smells which appears strange but beautiful seems to remind you of her and you get such smell almost once in every minute. It remains one-way-traffic until you expose your heart and she reads it correctly. If your love is accepted you enter the third world, if not, well spending few days in oblivion, you surely find yourself back in the first world.

You find completely different surroundings when you enter the third world. You unknowingly redefine your life and even the smallest thing associated with your 'self being'. You don’t feel happy till the time you see a smile on her face, you feel sad if she is hurt. No word appears to be complete until it reaches her ears and every word appears unknown if it is not spoken by her. You laugh and you cry together. You rejoice and you remorse together. Life starts appearing incomplete without her. But this is the most fragile world, which can be broken even with a pebble of the size of mustard being thrown at it.

You start loving the fragility, you don’t want to come out of that world, yet there are evil forces possibly of a different world, who cannot tolerate your smile or the comfort of the third world. The evil spirits start throwing stones to shatter the fragility and if it breaks, you find yourself fighting your own failure with a broken relationship. The oblivion this time becomes more gloomy and depressing. If you have a weak heart, you find your mental balance to be distorted. But if you have a strong heart after spending a few months in a sombre mood you may find yourself back in the first world again. It may be difficult, but again, “Men are Dogs.” if it hurts any man reading this, cool down dude, I would use the sugarcoated terminology for you, “Men will always be men”.

There is another possibility, if your defense in the third world is strong and if you are able to impress the evil spirits, you get their blessing. These blessings completely changes your world, makes you happy for a few days but soon you start realizing that the blessing was actually a curse. This becomes a most unliveable world, a world filled with wishes that can never be fulfilled. Yes, the most difficult world to live, the world called marriage. :p 

*A few lines of this post is part of a bigger story I am presently working.


  1. HHAhaha thats some serious retrospection on love huh??? three worlds, which world are you in now Amit?? :D

    Do stop by my blog!! I'd love your visits & comments!

    1. Well! I have seen all of them and now my world has drastically changed :):)...

      I follow your blog and love it :)

  2. Love is surely complex!

  3. Is this based on personal experience? LOL
    Seriously a good analysis :D

    1. Thanks Ghazala... I would say a part of it is based on personal experience, the last part :p...

  4. nice blog. keep going!
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