"Let's be Friends Again" - My entry to the GetPublished contest

Confined within the walls envisioned by their friendship, she is not letting the ray of love skim through. He’s at the brink, with his heart in is his hand, yet he is scared to cross the wall. What if the world outside is lonely, he doesn’t want to lose her.

Tisca, a self-conscious beauty and an ambitious soul, knows how to press the button to get the work done. Deb, fat extra-infused and calmness redefined, fathoms the world as one large family where love can conquer anything. So distinguished yet so bonded, they are friends since the time there memory can travel. Irrespective of their startling differences, everybody says that they are a couple made for each other, a comment to which Deb nods with starry eyes whereas Tisca refutes with fiery vibes.

The ray of love succeeds to pierce through the wall and titillates them. But, along with it, comes a shadow threatening to eclipse their life, perhaps forever. Will Deb’s firm belief that love can conquer anything hold true? Will Tisca allow Deb to struggle with her? Will the life show some sympathy on them? 

The story is inspired by the life of two people who defined the four-letter word, “love” to me, yet I wish that any love story shouldn’t take that path.

A pertinacious sea wave was approaching the shore, this time it would beat its earlier attempt and reach to the unexplored territory of the shore. It knew that it couldn’t revolt; it would have to return and dissolve into the ocean. It just wanted to spend some extra time with the shore. Even though it was seduced and exploited by the waves earlier, the shore was waiting once again, its arms stretched apart with the expectation that this time the wave would not betray. They met, they moaned. The surf glazed. Bubbled popped out of the shore in celebration. But, again the wave returned and disappeared. The bubbles died and the amaranthine wait of the shore continued.  

Sitting on the sand, under the temporary shed made of coconut leaves, Tisca was watching the waves and shore with her unblinking pale eyes. Indifferent to the world around, Deb was sitting alongside, holding her hand.

‘Can we be friends again, like we used to be?’ She said, without looking at Deb. Ever since the news was out in the open, he was expecting this.

‘See those ships there; they are fighting with such a large ocean to remain afloat.’ Deb said after a moment of silence. ‘The waves are threatening, but they can never break the determination of the ship.’

Tisca looked towards the ships, then looked at Deb. She didn’t say a word. She clasped a handful of sand in her right palm and raised her hand towards Deb. The sand was coming out of her palm, she tightened the grip, the sand started coming out faster.

‘A Tsunami will not respect these ships.’ She said looking at her empty hands.

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