A Small Step - A Bigger Goal

Write to please just one person.” – Kurt Vonnegut.

The above lines are my source of inspiration to enter this world of blogging. This world was tempting me for a long time, but every time I backtracked by thinking, who will read my posts? Then one of my friends told me about this famous quote of Mr. Kurt Vonnegut, a famous American writer. Now, since you are reading this and in the end if you like this post, my goal is achieved.

Now, you must be thinking, what will be the contents of my blogs. Be prepared to read (Well! If you aren’t too annoyed after reading my first post and haven’t permanently deleted the URL from your mind, I know you will come back and read my future posts) anything and everything on this earth. Yes, on this earth, I am not an astronaut or fortunate enough to have experienced meeting with an alien, to talk things beyond this earth. So, I will write about everything, starting from the politics of Raisina hills to the fights of stray dogs, the annoying lingerie of Sunny Leone to the frustrating skin show of Salman Khan, highly criticised but most popular Chetan Bhagat to Booker of Bookers but untouchable Salman Rushdie.

Another thing that you must be thinking as to why I have kept the name as “The Shitt Analysis”. Well! After serving so many years in the financial industry, the word ‘analysis’ is attached so strongly with me that we are highly qualified to become brand ambassador of Fevicoltm. Thus, I was very sure that the word Analysis will certainly find a place in the name of my blog. Now why Shitt with an extra T. I thought about the first analysis that I do everyday in the morning. Well! To be true, the first analysis has always been to gauge my wife’s mood that fluctuates with the early morning rush, believe me I could never predict her mood correctly. Forget me, even god could not predict the mood of a woman. So using something that even God doesn’t understand was too high a risk. So I concentrated on the next critical analysis that would influence my entire day, the severity of my constipation. Was there anything better to dedicate my blog to than a thing that affects my life so much and I am sure it affects your life as well. And most importantly I would like to highlight is the extra T, which denotes that at time I am going to be naughty or dirty, depending on the way you take my comments
Now a few words to introduce myself. Those who know me, this is to refresh your memory and those who don’t know me, this is to find a place in your memory.

I was the third and the last instalment of my parent’s contribution towards the ever-increasing population of the country when I took my first breath in a small town in Orissa. After absorbing the essence of its critical values and unshackling the barriers of its complicated mindset, I left the small town after graduation and thus started the odyssey of learning and unlearning the various perspectives of life, and towards building a career, of course, for survival and a bit of comfort. I have shuffled between Kolkata and Bangalore for professional reasons. A chartered accountant by qualification and a Banker by profession, I am presently based in Bangalore.

I am married to somebody, whom I have been in love with since I was fourteen. She is presently a homemaker but an extremely busy woman; really, it takes a lot to raise a four-year-old kid (my daughter) and the toddler in me.


  1. A place for trite talk and banter....?
    I liked the idea...

    Jiyo Guruji!!

  2. So the love story started when you were 14'th....this is interesting


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