Satyamev Jayate - Ended with a bit of disappointment

Satyamev Jayate... Satyamev Jayate, a show that had delivered much more than it had promised before it started, finally culminated with aplomb. We can bring the change. Yes! We can.

When his fellow actors are/were making common men crorepati or trying to prove their IQ to be better than a kid of 5th standard, Amir came forward and shown the people that crores are waiting just to become a pati, on a more serious note, he highlighted the true identity of their country, their society and to the extent it shook their individual egos.

We can bring the change. Yes! We can. The way Amir ended the show would have certainly made many minds, even for a fraction of a second, to think of a scenario where he can bring in a change, even though it’s small.

We can bring the change. Yes! We can. But, Mr. Amir Khan, did you do justice to the last episode completely? Did you really bring all the issues that were relevant and certainly burning at present? No, you didn’t. And, I am extremely sure that it was intentionally left out. When you read the preamble of the constitution and immediately after that aired the Gujarat episode, suddenly I became overly excited. I started hoping that you’d prove me wrong and bring out the issue which I was sure that you’d not touch. But, sadly, and believe me it’s extremely sad for me and many others, even though I was proven right, you didn’t touch that issue.

“WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC...” The Preamble of our constitution starts with these words. I would like to add here that the words Socialist and Secular were added to the preamble by the 42nd amendment in 1976. The way I interpret it, secularity is a part of socialism, which stands for social and economic equality without any discrimination on the basis of castecolourcreedsexreligion, or language.

You touched upon almost all the aspect, but you didn’t touch the last part, discrimination based on language, or to put it in broader prospective, regionalism.  It wasn’t such a small issue to be left out. You covered incidents that had happened miles away from Mumbai, but I don’t believe that an issue which jolts Mumbai every now and then didn’t cross your mind, that the suffering of poor people of Bihar and UP had never reached your ears, that your heart didn’t felt the pain of these people, considering the kind of emotional person you are looking at the way you shed tears on your show. If you could raise the matter of Gujarat, though in a different way, why couldn’t you raise the matter of Mumbai?  Didn’t you try to play safe? Doesn’t the self-confidence, you try to infuse among people that a single person can bring in the change, prove to be a farce? Yes it does, when you backed out to touch a topic that could have created a problem in your backyard.

Why to talk only about Mumbai, which place in India doesn’t have regionalism? It is a different matter altogether that the politicians of Maharastra, since long time have identified this as a road to the power. I still remember my first few days in Kolkata when I went to get my CV typed. After looking at my name and address, the typist told me that people like me are called Apravasi, then he looked into my eyes and said, ‘Why have you come here?’ He didn’t have any problem though in typing my CV and take money from me. Is Chennai or for that matter any other city any different? In certain places, people are vocal and in certain places they aren’t, but regionalism is like an appendix, present inside everybody, but when it swells its painful and when it burst, it kills.  

Am I feeling bad because I have personally felt this? To do a reality check, I went though my friend list in facebook. Well! Barring a few exception, perhaps less than 10%, my entire friend list is filled with people who will be effected if Regionalism raises its head with full blow. Take an example of Kokrajhar where the problem started with minority community but as the time passed, all other community apart from locals were affected.

Satyamev Jayate, has been a brilliant and a path breaking show, that has proved to be an eye opener for many. I am sure Amir will come back next session with new set of issues and at that time he will rise above everything else and raise this issue.

We can bring the change, certainly, we can. 

Amir missed an opportunity in earlier episode as well, please read my earlier post by clicking here Castism - Amir missed an Opportunity

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