Rajini Ho Ya Ghajini- Sales Mein Sabki Hai Bajni

Recently one of my friends wrote on facebook, "Once Rajinikan Joined sales team as Branch Manager. Phir Kya, even he could not achieve the sales targets. Rajini ho ya ghajini... Sales mein sabki hai Bajni...:-))." (sic)

For an ardent fan of Rajini, I being one of them, it is difficult to imagine that   there are still things left in this world that Rajini cannot achieve. But, when it comes to sales target, and after watching the sales teams very closely for several years, I will have to agree that, perhaps, even Rajini might fail.

Business target in the corporate world is like an ugly looking pearl shell, and the pearl inside is the reward for achieving the target. The shell is always placed on the top of a coconut tree. Well! You are also provided with a great support, a long bamboo strategically positioned between your buttocks. If you don’t know how to climb a coconut tree, the effect of the bamboo will be extremely painful, and even if you know the tricks of the trade, the bamboo might not be comforting either. The situation gets complicated even further when the bamboo is being operated by a person (boss/superior) who himself is not spared of this, however the bamboo between his buttocks might not be as sharp as yours. In short, to achieve the target, a pyramid is formed where the person sitting at the top, the person who would finally reach the coconut, needs to bear the sharpness of the edge on the top.

Part of image is sourced from the internet

Whether you are an experienced or a novice, reaching the pearl shell is always challenging, but if you, somehow, reach there, you will be applauded albeit with certain criticisms. The big question is whether you will become the owner of the pearl inside the shell. It depends on how fortunate you are. Majority opines that you won’t be that fortunate. Sitting at the top of the coconut tree, you will also have to learn the techniques of extracting oil out of coconut and its appropriate usage, to own the pearl.  


  1. Btw u are part of the bamboo stick :p :p

    1. May be, if you say so, but of size much smaller than a toothpick... :)

  2. Nicely written. May be the big boys who set sales targets are unreasonable or don’t know how to set targets. On the other hand, sales people cannot expect an easy to achieve target and walk away with huge commission and year end bonus.

    There are a few different options to set sales target. Will be happy to discuss (via email) if you are interested.

    1. Thanks SG, I agree with you to certain extent, I would be glad to discuss the sales target setting bit...


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