Anamika - A Song, A Dedication

There was a time, when you cross the age of 16-17 you would become a 'Sayar'. I was not an exception either. Many pages were filled with, which now I assume as, crap. Those pages are now lost in oblivion. I never tried to recover them either.

But, I still remember a few of my work. One of such work is ‘Anamika’. Anamika is the name of the person on whom this song was dedicated. This song is very close to my heart because I had written it in two hours, for my friend who wanted to tell something different to bring a smile on the face of his girlfriend who was suffering sickle-cell disease. It was written on the day when she was going for her first blood transfusion. The last stanza was added later.

किसी ने हमसे यह पूछा, तेरे दिल में कौन रहता है (Kisi ne hamse yeh pucha, tere dil mein kaun rehta hai)
मैंने कहा क्या नाम बताऊँ, वोह लड़की अनामिका है।(Maine kaha kya naam bataun, woh ladki Anamika hai)

अनामिका है, अनामिका है, अनामिका है (Anamika hai, Anamika hai, Anamika hai)
उसने फिर मुझसे यह पूछा, उसमे खासियत गर कोई हो तो बता(Usne phir mujhse yeh pucha, usme khasiyat gar koi ho to bata)

मैंने कहा तो सुन ले जरा (Maine kaha toh sun le jara)

वो एक पारी है, जादूगरी है (Woh ek pari hai, Jadugari hai)
वो एक गुलाब है, शायर का ख्याब है, (Woh ek ghulab hai, Sayar ka Khwab hai)
सागर हैं उसके आँचल, सरगम है उसकी पायल, (Sagar hain uske aanchal, sargam hai uski payal)
वो जो मुस्कुरा दे हो जाये हर कोई घायल, (Woh jo muskura de, ho jaye har koi ghayal)
उसकी अदाओं में एक ऐसी है सादगी, (Uski adaon mein ek aisi hai saadgi,)
उसको जो देखे कोई भुला दे वो जिंदगी, (Usko jo dekhe koi bhula de woh jindagi)
और क्या मैं बताऊँ तुझको वो तो एक  नसा है, (Aur kya main bataun tujhko woh toh ek nasha hai)
अनामिका है, अनामिका है, अनामिका है (Anamika hai, Anamika hai, Anamika hai)

फिर उट्ठा एक और सवाल, उसके बिना क्या है तेरा हाल (Phir utha ek aur sawal, uske bina kya hai tera haal)
मैंने कहा, कि जबसे वोह है मिली दुनिया दुल्हन सी लगने लगी, (Maine Kaha, ki jabse woh hai mili duniya dulhan si lagane lagi)   
पर मेरे दिल में हलचल यह रहने लगी, (Par mere dil mein hulchal yeh rehne lagi)
कैसे जिऊंगा मैं, गर वो ना मिली तो, (Kaise jiyunga main gar woh na mili toh)
तुही बता दे यह गर यह पता हो तुझको (Tuhi bata de yeh gar yeh pata ho tujhko)
उसने कहा वो मिलेगी तुझको, येही मेरी दुआ है. (Usne kaha woh milegi tujhko, yehi meri dua hai)
अनामिका है, अनामिका है, अनामिका है. (Anamika hai, Anamika hai, Anamika hai)


  1. Very cute dedication, keep writing.
    Hope your friend's friend is doing better :D

    1. Thanks Ghazala.
      The incident had happened around 14 years back in Rourkela which is not my hometown, so we are not in touch for very long time now. Infact I dont have any of their contacts. I hope and pray she is perfectly alright by now and they are still together.

  2. It is very sweet, honest and beautiful. I like things which have a history and a personal touch to it.

  3. How very filmy...lolz...but nice.

    My first flat mate' name was Anamika and I must share this with her :)

  4. That's simply beautiful :) :)
    P.S - i am follwing your blog :D :D


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