Sedition or Wielding Power

Controversial Cartoon of Aseem
Source - Internet
Aseem Trivedi

Sedition, a word which is a new addition to my limited vocabulary, and Aseem Trivedi, a name that I had not heard earlier, have been confusing my thought process for last few days. When I think about the sanctity of National Symbols of our country, I certainly feel that somewhere Aseem has hurt the sentiments. Our national symbols needs to be respected. Distorting a national symbol is not right whatever may be the intention.  

But, on the other hand, has he really disrespected a national symbol more than it already being insulted everyday by those who have the power or by those who are responsible more than anybody else to maintain its sanctity?

Aren’t the letterheads, containing the national emblem at the top of them, used to allocate Coal Mines or spectrum to people who can unofficially pay higher amount for this? Aren’t the police officers who ask for bribe wear the national emblem engraved on the buckle of their belts? What has happened to them, nothing, but one would argue that these matters are investigated and if found guilty they would be punished, though it is a completely different matter altogether that such investigations have a life span of years, at times more than the life span of the accused himself.

Have a look at the following pictures.

National Flag places upside down.
Kapil Sibal and minister of education of Republic of Mozambique, Zeferino Aledandre, signing an MoU .

Lalu and Rabri Devi sitting while everybody else was on their feet to pay respect to the National Anthem. 
A poster in Tamil Nadu. Well! This is where the problem is, Aseem replaced the images yet he was too close.
Do these matters also require investigation? Shouldn't the guilty have been punished by now? No, perhaps, we are the only proud democracy in the world that has only two classes, those who have power to rule and those who have power to suffer. 

All the pictures in this post are sourced from the internet. 

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