The Secret Wish List - "Wish List Wednesday"

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” This 16-17th Century proverb was taught to us when we were in School. That was the time when our wishes had wings. They were not contaminated by the atrocious yet the realistic face of world. You ask a kid about his wishes and he will have a long list, even though they might be fantasies.  But, as we attained the, so called, maturity the list started shrinking because creatures called reality and rationality were nibbling it every day, every second. 

Today, when I came across the “Wish list Wednesday” creative prompt, I thought a lot about the three things I badly wish I could have. Whatever that came to my mind were all infected by the same virus, I could only think about the things that are possible to achieve. I agree that nurturing such wishes will help me to make them a reality one day. But, aren’t they already there in our mind every moment? Aren’t they already a part of the life we are living like a schedule?

Then I refreshed myself, and went to my past and thought about the wishes I would have made at an adolescent age. I chose that age because it was an age when the influence of fantasy was slowly dying but the brain was yet to be cluttered by actuality. So my three wishes were:

  1. I want to travel to the past and spend the whole day with Subhash Chandra Bose when his plane crashed. I really want to know what happened to him. 
  2. I wanted to spend 24 hours with Divya Bharati. I think this was one wish that I slept with every day till she died. The day the news of her death was flashed in the TV, I went to market and purchased three bars of Godrej Fairglow soap, a brand she was endorsing then.
  3. I wanted to own and ride a Honda Sports Bike where the pillion seat was at a height, imagine a girl sitting a pillion. We had a Rajdoot then, so you can understand the desperation.

Alas! These wishes remained as wishes only.  


  1. Have heart....we shall all meet up there! I don't cling and look to my earthly exile here...I'll fulfill all my dreams once I'm up there!! :P

    1. hmmm ... Panchali di, you have made me think what would happen up there ... I hope Divya would not have aged by the time I reach there :p :p :)...

  2. Interesting three wishes ..


  3. Hi Amit,

    I liked the logic behind the wishes.....they're not supposed to be realistic, everyday wishes. Cool.


  4. Divya Bharathi! Alas, I remember her! SO LONG! You are digging up memories.
    Do visit my blog! Would love to see you by! *cheers*


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