Sun's Shining Somewhere

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It was a cold night, close to midnight. Far away from the cacophony of the buzzing city crowd, which might still be crawling on the streets, I was sitting in the balcony of my flat, alone, enjoying the tranquillity of the night. There was no sound except for the chirping of a cricket. It was not very far away from the place where I was sitting. The sky was shining with all its pearls glowing brighter than ever before. A star at a distance was flickering quite in harmony with the chirping of the cricket. The biggest pearl among then all, the moon was in its full form. Its craters appeared non-existent.

Suddenly from nowhere a herd of cloud approached. It started engulfing the sky. The moon protested against the cloud. It started moving away and the cloud mercilessly followed it.  In no time, the cloud overpowered everything and then there were none, no stars, no moon. During that part of the year cloud with such an intensity was unexpected.  The wind was blowing at a fast pace now and it added to the chillness of the night. Then it started raining. A little later, a lightning charred the sky and it was closely followed by the sound of the thunder. The intensity of the rain increased and kept on increasing, it appeared as if the cloud would burst any moment.  A tree at a distance surrendered in front of the atrocity of the air and water and compromised its long lasting attachment with the earth. It appeared as if the sunlight would never grace us again, the world would slowly but surely melt.

I couldn’t bear the freezing cold anymore, went inside, locked the door, rechecked the windows and went to bed. Very soon I forgot that the world was facing the wrath of the nature and I slept. When I woke up next day morning, I immediately went to the balcony. The sun was shining bright. The subsisting cloud was disappearing very fast. There was no threat to the world anymore.

Isn’t our life like this? Sometimes when it starts appearing that everything is set and life’s beautiful, unforeseen problems embrace us. We keep on wondering if the life would come back to the right track again. With every passing moment, our trust tastes a new downfall. Its During that time we only need to do one thing, keep the trust alive, trust on your own ability and trust on the almighty (if you believe in one). Yes, there is a sun shining somewhere, the light of which would certainly brace us one day.

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  1. Wow... Till the last paragraph, I was thinking that I'm reading plot for a movie... You conveyed a beautiful message with your graceful words... :)

  2. "A tree at a distance....compromised its long-lasting attachment with the earth" - So articulate!

    Loved it :)

    Mixi (Would love your thoughts on mine!)

  3. I have to give it to you for you have meticulously expressed the night, cloud and rain eventually ending up with hard lessons on life. Great write-up buddy

  4. Seriously Amit, were you doing all this on the night of the 21st of December?????

    1. he he he ... I realised on 22nd that much talked about 21st passed like just another day :)..

  5. Amit, This is life seen through distorting screens...lovely!ATB for BAT!

  6. Great perspective with great writing niche.
    Excellent dude.

  7. i have always found subtle details alluring . . and your post was so sprinkled with those ! and you have put across an ubiquitous problem here . . trust - the one light at the end of the grueling tunnel called life ! loved the post :)

    1. Trust - The one light at the end of the grueling tunnel called life ... nicely said Maliny, hmmm... but I would say trust is not the light at the end of the tunnel, its the light at your every step guiding you :) Thanks ...

  8. That's a very personal and sweet take on the topic. Kudos for the depiction of a calm and lightening of the evening!

  9. Hi Amit!

    You've just been nominated for a Liebster Award! Please check my post for details -


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