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After coming back from the break (my last post was three months back), I found the topic of BAT is break. I had to break my head to find what to write on break that would break the literary benchmark I have set for myself. Then I realised that I am unable to break the temporary hibernation of my break from blogging. Somewhere I have to start again.

Should I write about current Indian political scenario? Isn’t the word Break is completely suited to this topic. Isn’t the entire country trapped under the debris of broken promises? Yes it is. But will my writing break the mindset of the people responsible for it? No, but surely it will increase the pain of those who are suffering, the common people.

Should I write about Bollywood? What is there to write though? They are trying to break the benchmark set by Hollywood by copying tollywood. Such a sorry state. Sometimes I search for a wall to break my head after watching such movies, but then the after effect such movies still remains in my head, what if the wall breaks.

Should I write about Indian Cricket? But now when I think about cricket, I find myself confused. Is it a game or just an event for entertainment? Sometime I feel it is neither. So what should I write?

So finally I have decided, I will not write about anything. I am just pasting a video here. Do watch it. I am sure, after watching the video, you will search me to break my limbs, but still I can guarantee that you cannot match with the style in this action scene. This scene is from an Old (Black and White) Tamil Movie, I am still searching for the name of the movie. If somebody knows, do tell me the name. Hey one more thing, there is no dialogue in the scene so don’t worry even if you don’t understand Tamil. Do watch this, its  a once in a lifetime experience. 

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  1. LOL. You certainly broke free from tradition with this post :-) refreshing read.


  2. Hey post with no specific reference to break and having lot of breaks was a fresh air. Nice. All the best for batom( can't watch the video. there are network issues :(

    1. Thanks Megha... Hey you must see the Video, else you will regret that you missed something...

  3. this one is quite a break from the usual tempo!

  4. Good break from tradition of usual writing. However, this too works. Sometimes the free flow of thoughts is more interesting than the focused one :-)

  5. Oh man! Give me a break... The video is CRAZY...
    And wow! U wrote abt nthng at all... Yet made it an interesting read!

  6. it was a good break for break which is breaking the usual stereotype post

  7. This was painful to watch but nonetheless I broke out into wild guffaws!! The things we suffer in the name of entertainment!! :D

  8. oh c'mon gimme a break !! this video is sema mokka but still you made this post quite interesting with actually nothing at all.. and i bet that was one heck of a job.. ATB for BAT :)


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